Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bill Burns Breaks It Down: Intensity in sports athletes does not mean anger.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009
Bill Burns Organization
Bill Burns, Psychic Counselor
What role does anger play in a successful athletic performance? Bill Burns has the unique ability to assess and understand individual athletes and what he or she responds to best in the way of positive and negative reinforcement, reasons to play, what forces motivate them, and what kinds of emotional tools are appropriate.

Is anger a dangerous tool to use to motivate athletes? At what point is anger unhealthy if at all? Is hostility to one's opponent appropriate? Should those feelings be fostered and developed in the successful athlete? What is the best way for athletes to handle playing under hostile conditions? Bill breaks it down for us in his usual "stay in reality" way!

"Fear is False Evidence
Appearing Real and

occurs when you project
outcome and believe it. "

--Bill Burns

The Bill Burns Organization is your complete source for personal & business empowerment. As a past partner in Heaney & Burns Associates, a firm specializing in corporate streamlining and employee training and conservation and now on his own, Bill provides unique insights into employee development not commonly available. Bill gives unusual abilities provide in depth analysis that produce amazing results in the areas of employee motivation, performance and job suitability for forward looking firms that value their employee assets. Bill Burns offers more than 37 years of experience in employee and individual evaluation, motivation and problem resolution.

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