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Kevin Malone's Haiti Experience and Biotyping, Beyond Body Language with Chris and Johnny Seitz

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Kevin Malone Returns From Haiti

Kevin Malone, former Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager, returns from his second trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic . He was able to help a Score missionary doctor get much needed medical supplies; antibiotics, gauze, pain relief, ointments, a hospital in Jimani, D.R. which is on the Haitian border. SCORE International which plans, organizes, and leads hundreds of short-term mission trips every year.  (Photo left: Kevin Malone and LaFern Cusack)

"I took an SUV with supplies over the mountains from Jacmel into Leogane. This was the hardest hit town in all of Haiti.  It is 15 miles west of Port-au-Prince and closest to the epicenter.  The damage and destruction was severe.  It was there that I met a father standing by a collapsed building holding photo I.D.'s of his two teenaged daughters who were buried underneath all the rubble.  The whole community of Leogane seemed to be destroyed.  Everyone was living in tents or under tarps."

Kevin Malone retired in April of 2001 from his position as Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, ending a 17-year career in professional baseball.  He is now focused on sharing, ministry and giving back to the community.  "The world's barometer for measuring success is a moving target, ever eluding, unreliable and the ultimate deception.  It is an illusion that eventually leads to disillusionment, promising to fulfill hopes and dreams....but can't.  The world's success often cost people all that truly matters: Relationship with God, Family and Friends - and it will only give back shallow and insignificant dividends (if any return at all)."

Chris and Johnny Seitz
Biotyping, Beyond Body Language
: Autism and Stroke Recovery
Johnny Seitz began life as a severely symptomatic autistic child; head banging, tantrums, face-blind and mind-blind. He is today, a successfully married adult, gainfully employed at a college of psychology, socially functional and a published author. (Photo Left: Chris Seitz and Johnny Seitz)

"I suffer from something called "mind-blindness" - the inability to understand how another person thinks. So simple tasks like using the Internet or a phone book baffle me. There is logic to the organization of listings and a natural path to be followed from one place to another on the World Wide Web. It just isn't logical to me. "

Chris Seitz is a healing arts practitioner with a masters of psychology, sound healer continued studies at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and a board member of the Los Angeles Center for Positive Change.

"At Axis Evolving, we provide a healing space for you that allows you to grow in the directions you feel you want to move in. Most people’s challenge these days is stress, – let us facilitate for you in redefining your relationship with stress energy. We’ll help you to identify old stresses locked in your body, and to process and release them. Find and change the self-defeating and self-sabotaging leftover behavior patterns developed in times of early stressors and learn to access your body’s natural resources."

Find out how they use inner resources to process past trauma and reorient lives, work with stroke victims and families (see The Stroke Perspective and Dick Clark) and use of sound healing for Autistic individuals.

Spike Dolomite Ward, Tenth Annual Valley Wide Student Art Show
. AEAC has been producing a valley wide art show every year in March to commemorate National Youth Art Month and to give the talented children of the San Fernando Valley a chance to be seen and appreciated by the public.

This single event has grown from a small, neighborhood show into an all day family arts festival featuring over 600 kids from throughout the Valley and attracting over 3,000 attendants. The Ninth Annual Valley Wide Student Art Show was held in March last year at the Chatsworth Train Depot. It was the most successful show to date. Local businesses, city council members, neighborhood councils, colleges, nonprofit groups, and school PTAs sponsor the show every year. This year (the Tenth Annual Valley Wide Student Art Show and Family Arts Festival) will be on Sunday, March 21, at the Chatsworth Train Depot from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Arts in Education Aid Council mission is to restore a complete arts education program to the public schools of the San Fernando Valley by developing and implementing curriculum, and supporting and celebrating activities and events, in art, music, dance, and theatre for all students. Arts in Education Aid Council will always remain independent of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

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Dr. Brad Spellberg MD
His new book "Rising Plague" discusses the global threat from deadly bacteria, "dirty hospitals" and the virtual collapse of antibiotic research and development.

James Cromwell, "The Einstein Plan" by Donald Freed on stage March 27 & 28 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. The Einstein Plan is an audience-interactive town hall meeting experience starring James Cromwell (Babe, Star Trek: First Contact, L.A. Confidential) as "The Exile," a character who engages the audience directly, inviting them to participate in their own political future. Based on Einstein's idea that if as few as 2% of the population engaged in non-violent civil disobedience, the government couldn't operate as usual. Tickets are available for purchase by calling 213-489-0994 ext. 107 or online at


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