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Living Advantage Inc. Reveals Ways To Invest In Our Foster Youth and Author BeNeca Ward Explains "The Makings of a Man" on 710 ESPN Radio

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Pamela Clay, Living Advantage Inc, Foster Youth Salute at USC Saturday, May 15, 2010.

"Living Advantage gives foster youth their identity, family history and a chance for success in the community." 

Pamela Clay, Executive Director of Living Advantage, came in studio to kick off Foster Care Month!   "Living Advantage would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our luncheon“FOSTER YOUTH SALUTE YOU”, at the USC Galen Center, 3400 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, 90089. The luncheon will honor advocates of foster youth, Speaker Emeritus Karen Bass, Congresswoman Diane Watson, and Assembly Member Mike Davis. We are also recognizing 75 of our foster youth for their participation in the community.  We are pleased to thank USC for their participation and support."

Living Advantage Inc., is a non-profit organization, founded in 1993, whose mission is to eliminate unemployment, homelessness, and incarceration of youth in the foster care system. They are the lead agency for Children’s Council USC/Jefferson Park district, recognized as a primary advocate for foster youth and as a result, have had the opportunity to partner with the University of Southern California, (USC) Joint Educational Project (JEP) providing youth mentoring. In our collaboration with the 25 inner city USC neighborhood schools, which have some of the highest percentage of foster youth, USC students will provide mentoring assistance and we will be responsible for identifying and ensuring that the foster youth receive mentoring services, have their life documents and uninterrupted access to such resources like schools, jobs, and medical services.

Clay discussed the rise of foster youth and their needs, "We have identified 3 schools and 300 at risk students that need our services the most.  Living Advantage, Inc. is in need of updated technology, accessories and staff to carry out  our services. Our goal is $250,000.00 and I feel confident that we can depend on your investment in our future and the future of our foster youth! You are invited to contact our office at 323.731.6471 or email us at to discuss how you can become a part of our services to our  most under served youth in Los Angeles County."

To attend the luncheon or view partnership opportunities please click here.
Help Living Advantage Inc. salute these tireless individuals who have worked to enhance the image and outcomes of foster youth.

A portion of Living Advantage Inc. with Pamela Clay, will also air on Radio Disney AM1110 - 6:30am-7am (PST)- May 2, 2010.

Airing Sunday, May 2, 2010 (5am-6am PST)
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BeNeca Ward, Author of 3rd Generation Country, a Practical Guide to Raising Children with Great Values

Nominated for the 2010 41st NAACP Image Awards
Outstanding Literary Works- Debut Author

BeNeca Ward highlights the practices that were once used to set the American standards on raising children to be kind, respectful and responsible adults in her newly released guide:  3rd Generation Country, a Practical Guide to Raising Children with Great Values.

In a generation where parents are their children's "buddy" and the boundaries that are supposed to exist between parents and their children are non-existent, Ward sheds light on the timely topic of how to instill great values into today’s children.  This book focuses on GETTING BACK TO THE BASICS OF PARENTING utilizing the lessons that were used for at least three generations but for many reasons are no longer being taught. Subtle and informative, this book infuses humor and wit as readers reflect upon their own experiences and are tuned into the experiences of others. It also spotlights how much was once taught through the simplest lessons. With chapters like, “Hold My Hand”, “The Patience of a Pomegranate”, “The Makings of a Man” and Family Ties” readers are in for a memorable illuminating experience. As Ward states, it is never too late to mold America’s children into kind, respectful and responsible adults.

“Being neighborly was…a bit like
mandatory community service.”

"This book focuses on the values and practices that were instilled into American children for at least three generations but for many reasons are no longer being taught. Years ago, parents passed on to their children the lessons that they learned as children while stirring in life experiences that related to what was going on in the world as their children were growing up."

The Makings of a Man
Shoes, as simple as they are, have become very symbolic of the mentality of many young men today in regard to how they feel about hard work. Years ago, it was not uncommon to walk into someone’s house and see a pair of dirty work boots that had been left at the door. Even those men whose jobs did not require that they wear work boots usually still owned a pair and wore them whenever they did yard work around their house. In the past, men had no problem doing dirty work because they understood how they would benefit from their labor. Today, there are some who refuse to get themselves, their clothes, or their shoes dirty. Being well-groomed has always been important, but several men today are overly concerned. Casual tennis shoes have become more popular than ever before...

...Young men were taught the value of working hard. Even though “work smarter and not harder” has become a very popular saying in our society and is great if you are able to do so, we have to remember to teach young people that there is nothing wrong with getting dirty or doing hard work if there is a need to do so.   [Excerpted from 3rd Generation Country, a Practical Guide to Raising Children with Great Values by BeNeca Ward Copyright © 2009. BeNeca Ward. All Rights Reserved. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.]

 BeNeca Ward began her career in 1993. As an enterprising high school student she sought out an opportunity to work on FOX’s hit show “ROC” and has been navigating her way through the entertainment industry ever since. She has provided production services and made contributions to “Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry & Brave New Voices,” Run’s House”, Cedric the Entertainer’s Taking You Higher” and various other sitcoms and entertainment programs.

BeNeca is a mother of two who comes from a large blended family. She learned first-hand how to instill great values into the lives of children by watching her mother who owned and operated an in-home daycare center. She is currently the Vice President of Operations at Simmons Lathan Entertainment and Media Group in Los Angeles.

NOW on Kindle, iPhone, iPod, NOOK, Sony Reader and more...3RD GENERATION COUNTRY, A Practical Guide to Raising Children with Great Values.  For more information log onto  or e-mail

Airing on Radio Disney AM1110 - 6:30am-7am (PST)

The Shark Ladies Are Back! 
Iemanya Oceanica's, Laleh Mohajerani, President/Executive Director and Patty Civalleri, Executive Vice President/Board of Directors. 

Iemanya Oceanica is dedicated to the worldwide conservation of sharks, rays and their habitats. They achieve their mission through research, environmental education and the promotion of sustainable management policies and marine protected areas.

Adopting a Shark is a fun and unique way to get involved in shark and ray conservation. AdoptaShark is an excellent program for adults and kids because everybody learns A LOT about sharks and the oceans. When you adopt a shark, your donation is contributing towards the purchase of new tags for continued research on the movement of sharks. You will learn about your adopted shark and will be able to see tracking maps of your shark, depending on when and how the shark was tagged. As we learn new information about your shark, we will pass it on to you via our website.  Read more...

Next Shark Tagging Trip Scheduled for July 1 - 5, 2010! 
For more information:


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Stress Seminar, Saturday May 8th, 2010, 9:00am to 1:00pm.

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If this sounds familiar and you are ready to take action, make changes and produce long-lasting results . . .WE WANT YOU!  This is not just another seminar where you will sit back and listen passively or take notes on some esoteric techniques to manage your stress.  Instead, this is a potentially life-changing experience where you will design an overall blueprint for your life. We will help you to create a more fulfilled life; a life of passion and vitality.  We're determined to address the root cause of your stress and help you determine an effective strategy to transform your life.

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