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Easy Green with Belma Michael Johnson and How We Roll with Keith K-dub Williams

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Belma Michael Johnson
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Belma Michael Johnson is the popular host of “DESIGNED TO SELL” on HGTV and best-selling author of “EASY GREEN” (DreamBooks), a tip book about easy ways to go green.

He has hosted entertainment and talk shows for and about African Americans (including the popular “Dr. Phil” show for Harpo Productions and the award-winning “Teen Summit” on BET) for the past decade in national broadcast syndication and on national cable networks. He also has hosted two series for the DIY network. As a show runner, he has produced lifestyle programming for HGTV and the DIY network. As a filmmaker, he has written, directed and produced for the popular and acclaimed series “UNSUNG” on the TV One network. As a producer, he has created hundreds of hours of programming for NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Comedy Central, MTV, VH-1, BET, Disney, Paramount, Columbia Tri-Star, King World, Warner Bros. and many others.) He has produced dozens of online projects, including original content for,,,, and He also hosts a web series, “Reel Remedies,” an HD medical show that has been syndicated to the digital channels of the ABC network.

His production experience is as varied as writer, producer, host, music supervisor, segment producer, show producer, supervising producer and executive producer. His credits include producing celebrity talk shows, real-people segments, demonstration segments, craft shows, awards shows, dance competitions, a televised film festival, rockumentaries, as well as writing and producing for comedians, such as Roseanne, Bernie Mac, Sinbad, Mark Curry (“Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper”) and D.L. Hughley.

In addition to his television experience, Johnson also authored five published books. He has edited books for St. Martin’s Press and Collins Publishing. His accolades also include winning the National Education Association award for broadcasting and three NAACP Image Awards, as well as receiving three Daytime Emmy nominations. He has conducted hundreds of workshops about creativity, productivity and going green in more than 40 states. He studied broadcast journalism at the Annenberg School for Communications at the University of Southern California. He is married, with twin boys. For more information:

Keith K-dub Williams
California African American Museum is presenting How We Roll

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Keith “K Dub” Williams created the Hood Games in 2005 his organization brings positive and unified skateboard competitions to the neighborhood communities in Oakland, CA. The Hood Games showcase the talents of youth in Skateboard, Art, Music, Dance and Fashion. The Hood Games attracts a partnership of professional skateboarders including Karl Watson and Paul P-Rod Rodriguez. The Hood Games has been successfully produced over 19 events in Oakland, San Francisco, Napa, Los Angeles, Las Vegas.
Hood Games is a grassroots level community event started in 2005 in East Oakland as more inner-city youth were gravitating to skateboard culture. The events serve as a bridge between urban communities and the skate lifestyle while incorporating art, music, film and dance performances.

Hood Games also collaborates with local schools, youth centers, city governments, local authorities, the skate community and city parks to make a memorable experience for the kids and families. Hood Games would like to continue to give the youth an opportunity to showcase their talents in both skateboarding and the arts. The event is developing a strong fan base in the Bay Area as well as Los Angeles. Hood Games expanded the event to include Las Vegas this past January with an amazing response.


In conjunction with CAAM TARGET SUNDAYS, the opening public reception will take place on July 18th, 2010 and feature “The Hood Games” a themed action sports and skateboard event showcasing fashion, videos and short film screenings, professional skateboard demonstrations, shoe signings, spoken word and open mic event, musical performances, and special guest professional skaters.

CAAM will be providing art workshops on skateboard design, and Near to the CAAM building we have the California Science Center programs relating to math, kinetics and all interesting subjects relating to the wonderful world of science.

The California African American Museum is presenting How We Roll a unique story of skateboard legends of color that helped layout incredible core achievements in skateboard culture.”These athletes” had a hand and foot in contributing to the fundamental ground elements of skateboarding and combined it with artistic expression for all new comers to skate and enjoy the ride!

How We Roll will be taking you through a historical step by step fantastic voyage of how side walk surfing turned into 4 decades of a cultural revolution. If you skate you paint, if paint you make music and these never ending progressions have created a family of athletes, artists, musicians, youth ambassadors as well as entrepreneurial providers driving the sport into a massive world wide appeal affecting all colors, genders, ages and people from every culture around the globe.  Free your mind and the rest will follow................... You can learn more about Hood Games at:  

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