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Airing Sunday October 3rd: The SoCal Experience with LaFern Cusack on ESPN Radio Los Angeles

Southern California Experience with LaFern Cusack
710 ESPN Radio Los Angeles
Sunday's 5a-6a PST or online live:

as he performs for the 2nd Annual Golf For Literacy, October 4th, at the Malibu Country Club.  Come for the DINNER AND AUCTION! For more information about sponsorships or advertisement opportunities please call 800-366 1375 ext 4613 or go to:
Monday, October 4th, 2010

David Lindholm, Communications Manager, Chivas USA (MLS) speaks with LaFern Cusack about Chivas USA's support and dedication to the community, the SuperClasico and the energy that is rocking the Home Depot Center Sunday October 3 at 5:00pm. Chivas USA takes pride in supporting schools, non-profit organizations, and charitable groups.  Founded on August 2, 2004, as Major League Soccer's then-eleventh team, Los Angeles-based Club Deportivo Chivas USA has achieved remarkable success in their first few seasons of MLS play. Based at The Home Depot Center - a world-class soccer stadium and multi-sport facility located on the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills in the city of Carson, Los Angeles County, California. Chivas USA invites all fans, players and supporters to celebrate the passion of the world's greatest sport. Additional information on Chivas USA is available by calling 1-877-CHIVAS-1 (244-8271).  For tickets and more information:

Cindy Laverty, author of “Caregiving – Eldercare Made Clear & Simple” speaks with LaFern Cusack about caring for her ill and aging former father-in-law for several years.   Cindy Laverty discovered that compassionate caregiving was her true calling and formed The Care Company, a southern California-based home care provider.

Today, as a leading spokesperson for the industry, Ms. Laverty has expanded her commitment to helping caregivers help others, through her entertaining, educational and insightful advice driven radio show. Her warm, yet practical approach to the process of caregiving provides listeners with first step knowledge and resources they can use to manage their lives and those they care for more peacefully. 

The caregiving journey is one of life’s ultimate gifts, but if you don’t have a workable plan, you can easily become lost and overwhelmed. Caregiving – Eldercare Made Clear & Simple is a guide, which provides you with encouraging and practical information, as well as personal insight from Cindy Laverty’s own experiences about her journey to finally learn to care for herself, along with a CD of reprintable forms to help you create a workable plan for your unique situation.  

Evelina Fernandez and Jose Luis Valenzuela speaks with LaFern Cusack about the Latino Theater Company’s 25th Anniversary production of "La Victima." The Latino Theater Company proudly presents its 25th Anniversary production, a revival of its very first show, “La Victima.”

It’s a story that spans four decades, telling the tale of two families, the Villas and the Mendozas. It begins during the Great Depression and continues through later troubled economic times. Immigrant families come to the U.S.A. to relieve the suffering of chronic poverty, to find employment, to work hard, to become educated, to fall in love, to get married, to build new homes and better lives for their loved ones. Some people arriving here do so through the established legal channels. Some get to the U.S.A. through alternate means.

Mexicans and Mexican-Americans find themselves in demand in the U.S. as a source of cheap, exploitable labor. But they find that they do not enjoy the same working conditions and job security as their neighbors. When the Latinos try to organize into unions to secure workers’ rights, they find themselves subject to reprisals, including deportation.

Some join the military, conjecturing that this may be a route to equality, though a disproportionate segment of their number emerge as casualties.  Most devastating to the Villa and Mendoza families is the inconsistently applied, inhumane immigration policy. It becomes even more apparent after one of their number becomes a U.S. government immigration enforcement agent.  At this point in the history of the U.S., immigration is still a hot-button issue, with certain political factions calling for the repeal of the 14th Amendment, which guarantees citizenship rights to those born on U.S. soil. Originally created in 1976 by the theater collective El Teatro De La Esperanza, “La Victima” couldn’t possibly be more timely.

Jose Luis Valenzuela, artistic director of the Latino Theater Company, directs the new production in the trademark Latino Theater Company style, infusing serious material with humor, music and big dance numbers. The show stars longtime company members J Ed Araiza, Evelina Fernandez, Sal Lopez, Lupe Ontiveros, Geoffrey Rivas and Lucy Rodriguez and also Luis Aldana, Alexia de la Rocha, Olivia Cristina Delgaro and Oliver Rayon. Choreography: Urbanie Lucero. Musicians: Cita, and Ricardo Ochoa. The action of the show includes scenes set in both the U.S.A. and Mexico. Consequently, while much of the show is in English, there will also be sequences performed in Spanish (and also Spanglish). The songs will also be performed in Spanish. Spanish sequences will be accompanied by English supertitles. The compelling immediacy of the subject matter contradicts the notion that this is not a brand-new work. That is how it is. WHERE: Los Angeles Theatre Center, in its 318-seat Theatre 3, 514 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013. WHEN: Runs through Sunday, October 31. Thurs. -  Sat. at 8, Sun. at 3. Dark on October 9. ADMISSION: $35. Seniors (60+) and students (with I.D.), $20. All Thursday performances $10. Preview on Oct 1; all seats $15. RESERVATIONS: Call toll-free, (866) 811-4111. GROUP SALES: (213) 489-0994 ext. 107. ONLINE TICKETING:

Ben Guillory and Kimba Henderson speak with LaFern Cusack about “The Reckoning” World Premiere engagement of a new play.  Fresh from the announcement of its seven nominations for the NAACP Theatre Awards, the Robey Theatre Company presents a World Premiere play, “The Reckoning.”  “The Reckoning” was developed through the Robey Theatre Company Playwrights Program.  Robey Theatre Company is Los Angeles’ acclaimed African-American theatre company, presenting plays providing insight to the global Black experience. It was founded by Danny Glover and Ben Guillory.   

Kimba Henderson is the playwright. A graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she received fellowships from a Bill Cosby –sponsored Screenwriting Program and Paramount Pictures. Her previous plays include “Love Supreme” and “Women on the Verge.” She co-wrote the film “Last Call.” Ms. Henderson was associate producer of the Fountain Theater’s award-winning production of “YellowMan.”

Ben Guillory, the Robey Theatre Company’s Artistic Director, helms a cast that includes Terese Aiello, Dorian Christian Baucum, Tiffany Boone, Michael Harrity, Tanya Lane, Tarnue Massaquoi, Alex Morris, Toyin Moses, Kendrick Sampson and Jacob Sidney. Production stage manager: John Freeland, Jr. Costume design: Naila Aladdin Sanders. Sound design: Harry Lennix. Dramaturge: Dylan Southard.  Set design: John Paul Luckenback. Playwrights Program Instructor: Aaron Henne.Technical director: R. Scott Thompson.
WHAT: “The Reckoning.” World Premiere engagement of a new play.  WHO: Written by Kimba Henderson. Directed by Ben Guillory. Produced by the Robey Theatre Company in association with the Los Angeles Theatre Center.  WHERE: Los Angeles Theatre Center; Theatre #2; 514 So. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013. WHEN: Runs through Sunday, October 24. Regular show times: Thurs.- Sat. at 8, Sun. at 3. Dark on Oct. 9. ADMISSION: $30. Students: $20. Previews: $15. A limited number of tickets will be available for each Thursday performance for $10. RESERVATIONS: Call toll-free, (866) 811-4111. GROUP SALES: (213) 489-0994 ext. 107. ONLINE TICKETING:  or

James Delay is Vice President of American Exhibitions, Inc., and speaks with LaFern Cusack about Mummies of the World which is a highly distinguished project that has been years in the making for AEI, working with 15 world-renowned museums in seven countries to bring to the U.S. a never-before-seen collection of mummies and related artifacts from South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Egypt. Its treasures include one of the oldest mummy infants ever discovered; a mummified family; a German nobleman discovered in the family crypt by descendants; and intentionally preserved Egyptian animal mummies. 

Delay is responsible for the company’s business development and operations. A veteran sales and marketing professional, he is also in charge of maintaining communications with museums, science centers, licensors and the American Exhibitions team of curators, scientists, designers and associates.Delay’s work has resulted in Mummies of the World, the largest traveling exhibition of mummies and related artifacts ever assembled, debuting in Los Angeles at the California Science Center on July 1, 2010.

Delay began researching this exhibition in 2007, following the German Mummy Project’s amazing rediscovery of 20 mummies within the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums (REM) in Mannheim, Germany.  He visited the REM in 2008, hoping to bring that extraordinary find to American audiences, and embarked on an amazing journey that culminates with the Mummies of the World premiere.  After Los Angeles, the exhibition will travel to several other major U.S. cities over the course of its three-year engagement.

For Delay, the real measure of success for this groundbreaking exhibition is the opportunity it represents for audiences to learn about history and culture, and to use modern science tools to bring the past and the modern day a little closer together.  The stories of these mummies are both unique and universal, and this exhibition brings their experiences of centuries ago into the present. He believes that this project is the most spectacular and important project of his career to date.  Delay was born in Huntington Station, N.Y., and resides in Boynton Beach, Fla.  Mummies of the World is a ticketed event and requires a timed-entry. Advance reservations are highly recommended. Tickets can be purchased online at  or by calling 323-SCIENCE (323-724-3623). 

 LOS ANGELES--The Mummies of the World exhibition, at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, welcomed its milestone 100,000th visitor on Thursday, Aug. 19, 2010 - making it one of the most successful paid exhibit openings in the Science Centers 13-year history. The exhibition, which opened July 1, is open daily for a limited engagement. . James Medrano of Pomona, Calif., was notified of the benchmark achievement by California Science Center president Jeff Rudolph and Michael McDowell, Senior Director for Cultural Tourism for LA INC., the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau. Pictured from left: Medrano's daughter, Camille Medrano, 15; Michael McDowell, Senior Director for Cultural Tourism for LA INC.; cousin Adrian Guerrero, 10; James Medrano; Medrano's son, Aiden, 11; and Jeff Rudolph, president, California Science Center.

LOS ANGELES --  James Medrano (pictured left) of Pomona, Calif., was notified of the benchmark achievement by California Science Center president Jeff Rudolph and Michael McDowell, Senior Director for Cultural Tourism for LA INC., the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau

James Medrano of Pomona, Calif., was notified of the benchmark achievement by California Science Center president Jeff Rudolph and Michael McDowell, Senior Director for Cultural Tourism for LA Inc., the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau. Medrano and his family were given an exclusive guided tour of the exhibition by William Harris, the Science Centers vice president of development. Pictured from left: William Harris, vice president of development, California Science Center; family members and James Medrano, visitor number 100,000.  The exhibition, which opened July 1, is open daily for a limited engagement.

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