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Pro Golfer Troy Grant Joins The JDCF Cause and Michael Sidney Fosberg Goes INCOGNITO

Jason David’s Corner Foundation Part II

Professional golfer Troy Grant joins Jason David and Kristel David for Part II of "Jason David’s Corner Foundation's Celebrity Charity Golf Kick Off" on 710 ESPN Radio with LaFern Cusack! They are gearing up for a spectacular Celebrity Charity weekend and we want you to be a part of the events! (photo credit: )

Troy Grant is very excited about being a strong force in Professional Golf in 2011. With Troy’s dedication, hard practice and strong sponsor support team, there is no doubt he will be a big success in this coming season.

5am- 6am (pst) / or LISTEN LIVE ONLINE: the weekly dose of The Experience With LaFern Cusack right here:

Troy Grant is very excited about being a strong force in Professional Golf in 2011. With Troy’s dedication, hard practice and strong sponsor support team, there is no doubt he will be a big success in this coming season.

Please mark your calendars for JDCF's 3rd Annual Celebrity Charity Event Weekend!
*Thursday June 23rd, 2011 - Red Carpet Cocktail Party (Invite Only)
*Friday June 24th, 2011 - 3rd Annual Celebrity Golf Classic at Industry Hills Golf Club
*Saturday June 25th, 2011 - 6th Annual NFL Youth Football Camp

Be a star, golf with the Pros!

Proceeds support Jason David’s Corner Foundation’s efforts to increase the research and awareness of kidney disease in hopes to promote prevention and ultimately find a cure. Jason David’s Corner Foundation is a non-profit public charity 501 (c) (3). For More Information:

DID YOU MISS LAST WEEK with Jason David’s Corner Foundation's Jason David, Kristel David, Ebonie Bender along with James Denton (Actor Desperate Housewives) and Mike Doss (Former Colts Player).
Segment III - 02/27/11 on 710 ESPN Radio SoCal Experience with LaFern Cusack.

Michael Sidney Fosberg's INCOGNITO: An American Odyssey of Race and Self-Discovery.  LaFern Cusack speaks with actor/writer/director/teacher Michael Sidney Fosberg about his autobiographical one-man show which he has been touring to high schools, colleges, theaters, performing art centers, corporations, and military bases all across the country for the past 8 years.

The show is the true story of the quest to find his biological father which resulted in the discovery of a new identity. He was raised in a working-class white household by his mother and adoptive stepfather, and upon finding his father he discovered he is African-American. This schism was more pronounced by the fact that members of his black family played a significant role in the African-American community; his great-great grandfather was a member of the 54th colored infantry unit in the Civil War (re: the movie Glory), his great-grandfather was an allstar pitcher in the Negro Leagues, and his grandfather was a scientist and engineer for whom the science and engineering bldg at Norfolk St. University is named after. (photo credit:

Michael Sidney Fosberg provides an introduction from 

Imagine discovering you are not the person you thought you were. That you have a family, a history, an ethnicity you never knew. How would this discovery impact your life, the lives of those around you; your vision of yourself and society? I have been facing these questions since 1992, when after having spent 32 years growing up in a middle-class white family, I discovered I am black.
I share these discoveries in "Incognito," the solo-show I have performed in theatres, high schools, colleges, and performing arts centers throughout the country -a production chosen by The Chicago Tribune as "one of the top theatrical events of the 2001 season." While performing "Incognito" I’ve been amazed at how my story resonates with a wide range of audiences both young and old, black and white. Post-show discussions have resulted in lively and profound conversation on how we each perceive race and identity.  
"Incognito" is the story of my journey to uncover and discover my self, my roots, my family, and the difficult history behind the tragic American complexity of "race". The full production runs approximately seventy-five minutes with no intermission. There is also an abridged one-hour version available for schools with limited assembly schedules. The production is versatile as well as compact, and can be performed simply with eight chairs, a small table, and a few props. 
Post-show workshops are available as in-depth discussions, classroom meetings, or a week’s residency utilizing an extensive study guide and lesson plans. I have presented school workshops in Chicago and Kansas City in conjunction with the professional productions, and for independent school groups and seminars. These workshops have had a tremendous impact on audiences, particularly those of mixed race heritage. However, "Incognito" is not only about race. It speaks to all people who struggle with identity, family, self-awareness and acceptance. 
For a clearer illustration of the quality and effect of "Incognito," please browse the site:

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