Monday, September 19, 2011

Educating Young Minds with Angeles Echols-Brown and Innovative Relationships with Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D. and Ryan Browning Cassaday

LaFern Cusack provides 10 essential items you need to keep in a kit an emergency kit and a PSA that features University of Texas Football Coach Mack Brown. LISTEN HERE

AIR DATE September 18, 2011- Angeles Echols-Brown,Educating Young Minds:

Mrs. Echols-Brown joins LaFern and discusses how EYM empowers students, parents, teachers, and counselors across the world. Educating Young Minds is a rich and diverse supplemental learning environment where students are encouraged to grow academically, emotionally and socially. EYM grew out of the needs of many students and families for additional education and counseling, which over-stressed public schools could not meet. EYM’s programs include: after school tutorial, home study instruction, weekend remedial, SAT/ACT exam prep, and college scholarship program. Create the opportunities and good things will happen. Angeles Echols-Brown doesn’t know roadblocks or obstacles. As the Founder, CEO and visionary behind Educating Young Minds (EYM), Ms. Echols-Brown recently pulled together for the first-time a massive three-day weekend entertainment and educational extravaganza for “her kids.” “Her kids” are college students, young adults, high school students and students as young as nine years of age who participated in life changing high-tech exhibits, educational workshops, career opportunities, met role models and celebrities and even participated in an international tele-conference with India and Africa. The worldwide weekend celebration began by recognizing the explosive internet evolution. EYM showcased its new cutting-edge interactive website “Access/No Excuse” during a special reception at its corporate offices. “Access/No Excuse” is a state-of-the-art interactive online academic and career development search engine. EYM officials said “Access/No Excuse” will help further expand the reach and vision of EYM’s programs and at the same time address academic, vocational and outreach opportunities for students worldwide. For more information log onto: or

In September 2001, Texas ad agency GSD&M created a PSA to celebrate the country's extraordinary diversity and remind Americans that it was the time to unite as a country. And 10 years later, the message continues to resonate. Response to the PSAs in 2001 was unprecedented - the media donated $100 million in time and space in the first year, and Americans around the world voiced their support for such an important and timely message.

AIR DATE September 18, 2011-Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D. and Ryan Browning Cassaday, Sexual Health and Wellness

LaFern Cusack discusses sexual health and relationships with clinical psychologist Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D. and Ryan Browning Cassaday, a certified life coach. They run a worldwide dating and relationship consulting practice and are known for their personable yet informative insights. Ryan Browning Cassaday, a certified life coach, runs a worldwide dating and relationship consulting practice with his new wife, Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D.; and has co-created a revolutionary approach to dating and relationships called the Stop Wondering Method. He left a successful acting career on stage, TV, and film to pursue his true passion—helping people develop better relationships and live more fulfilling lives. Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D., also known as Dr. C, is a clinical psychologist from New York who runs a successful dating and relationship consulting practice with her new husband, Ryan Browning Cassaday. Together they consult with clients all over the world on dating, love, sex, and relationship issues. Her personal passion for helping people have better relationships, combined with advanced training in sex therapy, has led to the creation of a unique and innovative approach to dating and relationships called the Stop Wondering Method. For more information log onto:

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