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Good Business Sense: Allen Edwards SHEAR FORCE and Joseph Wohrle, Allen+Wohrle, LLP

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Celebrates 35th Anniversary With Memoir

It’s an exciting time for beauty icon ALLEN EDWARDS. Edwards and his wife and business partner Lisa are celebrating their 35th Anniversary in business this year. And SHEAR FORCE: An Image-maker’s Memoir written by Allen Edwards with Lorin Shields-Michel and published by Durban House Press is now available at bookstores across the country. The book is an inspiring personal story of Allen Edward’s triumph over adversity. And Edwards takes us behind-the-scenes into the glitzy Beverly Hills beauty industry during the ‘70s and ‘80s.

What is Allen Edwards secret for being an industry leader for over 3 decades in the competitive world of beauty? He customizes each hair style and color to work for each client and emphasizes constant change with his styling team. “When a client says that they love the way they look and feel, I know my team and I have done our job. This has always been my goal”, explains Edwards.

Allen and his team of personally trained stylists have coiffed some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities including Brooke Shields, Ted Dansen, Goldie Hawn, Dustin Hoffman, Kirsten Dunst and Donna Mills. Edwards is the original creator of the Farrah Fawcett layered cut which started a trend that still exists today. ALLEN EDWARDS Salon + Spa is located in Brentwood and Woodland Hills, California and coming soon a new product line: ALLEN EDWARDS GREEN.

Joseph Wohrle, Partner
Allen+Wohrle, LLP

A southern California native, Joe has been practicing law for nearly two decades. Additionally, since 2005, Joe has been an Adjunct Professor of Law at his alma mater, Loyola Law School, where he teaches advanced civil procedure to second and third-year law students. Joe also serves as a temporary judge in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Joe is a founding partner of Allen + Wohrle, LLP, where he litigates disputes for clients in the entertainment, advertising, real estate, and manufacturing industries.

In 2003, Joe was the lead trial counsel for a multinational manufacturer in a lawsuit against a U.S.-based distributor and a former shareholder. After a three-week trial, Joe obtained a $13.7 million jury verdict and judgment against both defendants. On February 23, 2004, this victory was featured in a Los Angeles Daily Journal article entitled “Kohap Wins $13.7 Million Award Against Grand Bell”.

In 1999, Joe represented an auto body shop that was sued for over $1 million by an insurance company which alleged that the owners were part of a conspiracy ring that had committed fraud.Ultimately, the insurance company, represented by a large law firm, accepted the body shop’s settlement offer for an amount that was less than 5% of the amount demanded. Allegations by the same insurer led the California Bureau of Automotive Repair to seek the permanent revocation of the body shop’s license. Joe again successfully represented the body shop, proved that no fraud had been committed, and prevented the revocation of the body shop’s license.These related cases were the subject of an October 17, 2001 cover story in the Los Angeles Daily Journal entitled “Big Deal”. In that same edition, the Los Angeles Daily Journal also profiled Joe in an article entitled “Gentlemanly Fighter”.

Joe also was trial counsel for the former owners of a shopping center sued by a national fast-food chain. Joe obtained a judgment in his clients’ favor after a three-day trial, and an award of nearly $100,000 in attorney’s fees.

Joe is a frequent commentator on the radio, where he discusses legal issues of general interest.

The firm represents entities and individuals in the entertainment, media, real estate, construction, on-line, and manufacturing industries. Allen+Wohrle, LLP is dedicated to obtaining superior results by employing the flexibility required to anticipate and adapt to today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

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