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Ironman, Shad Ireland, "You Are More Than A Diagnosis"

Ironman Competitor Shad Ireland
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Diagnosed with kidney failure 26 years ago, Shad was once near death and weighed just 75lbs. Today, Shad is an Ironman competitor and educates audiences about Chronic Kidney Disease, education prevention, health disparities and the importance of staying active and healthy.

Shad receives dialysis every other day for five hours at Fresenius Medical Care facilities, which he serves as national spokesman for the Fresenius Medical Care UltraCare® program. Along with this treatment, his daily schedule includes training for Ironman distance triathlons. Shad is a true inspiration to dialysis patients all over the U.S. and
was the first dialysis patient ever to complete an Ironman triathlon; an endeavor that the medical community believed could not be done.

Who is Shad Ireland?
I am an individual who is passionate about life, who is motivated by challenges, and who is committed to the inspiration of my fellow patients. I am an individual who is beating the odds by turning obstacles into achievements and celebrating every breath along the way. I am an individual who has accepted, and is successfully living with kidney disease and all of the experiences that go along with this diagnosis. On July 25th, 2004 I became the first dialysis patient to ever compete in and complete an Ironman triathlon.

Shad Ireland was once asked why triathlon? The following was his response:

"The inspirational power of triathlon lies in its essence and simplistic beauty. The race which consists of 3 events (swim, bike, run) need to be completed consecutively. I personally believe that it's not about the external environment, rather the individual's internal struggle. All you can ever expect of yourself is that you gave everything you had when that moment came and you were faced with the ultimate challenge."

Shad Ireland's Bike Tour: What Inspires You?
On May 1st, 2009 Shad started his journey riding his bicycle over 4000 miles across the USA. He is planning community events in major cities along the route which are going to be focused on education and prevention. The leading causes of renal failure are obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 133 million people in this country are obese, 54 million people in this country are predisposed to type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure is reaching epidemic levels. "I believe an individual can make a difference, I believe an individual inspired can accomplish anything!" What Inspires You? Follow Shad as he bikes from California to the steps of the Capitol in Washington, DC, to promote CKD awareness.

Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy and Manage Your Kidney Disease

Fresenius Medical Care: "We are your complete resource for treatment options and lifestyle advice for living with kidney disease. Fresenius Medical Care created this website as a ‘one-stop’ source of information for anyone – patients, caregivers, family and friends – affected by kidney disease."

Fresenius Medical Care offers a great resource online to keep your Kidneys Healthy and how you can manage your Kidney Disease: Find some links below from the Fresenius Medical Care website to help you in with some questions you might have about Kidney Health:

What Kidneys Do
Click here to find out what the kidneys are, where they are located, and why they are important. You can also watch a healthy kidney in action.

What Happens When Kidneys Fail
Read about the kinds of kidney failure, review signs and symptoms, and learn how to recognize the progression of kidney disease.

Quiz: Kidney Disease Facts and Fictions
Take a quiz to see how much you know about kidney disease.

Diagnosing Kidney Disease
This page shows you the kinds of tests your doctor may do to find out if you have kidney disease. You will also find information on the stages of kidney disease and what you can do to stay healthy for as long as possible.

The Importance of Early Diagnosis
Knowing early that you have kidney disease can improve your health and treatment. This page tells you why it’s so important to find out.

The Causes of Kidney Disease
Kidney disease has many causes. Review the most common causes and some that may surprise you.

Preventing Kidney Disease
There are many things that you can do to keep your kidneys healthy. Find out how you may be able to avoid kidney disease and slow it down.

Click here for a quick summary of this section: Learn why kidneys are important, what causes kidney disease, how doctors diagnose it, and what you can do to slow down the progression.

For more information, to schedule a facility visit, or to arrange dialysis treatment at any of our facilities, call us toll-free at:1-866-4-DIALYSIS (1-866-434-2597) or visit:

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